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Latvian Depo Open 2023

Posms VENTSPILS 02 - 04 June             


Posms SAULKRASTI June 28 - 30                           


Posms LIEPĀJA July 28-30       


Finals JŪRMALA August 24 - 26                           










Lithuanian Top Sport Open 2023

There is currently no information


Beach Pro Tour

The Beach Pro Tour calendar can be found at the following link -Beach Pro Tour

Brief description:

The Beach Pro Tour is an international beach volleyball series whose stages are called World Cup Stages (MK Stages). The stages are divided into three strength classes: Futures, Challenge, Elite16

Each stage has a main tournament, a qualifying tournament and a reserve, where those who want to play are placed depending on the number of their MK points. The more punks a pair has, the higher the stage they can play and the more likely they are to be in the main event right away. The pairs with the fewest points must start from the qualification, and the pairs with even the fewest points are in reserve in case someone withdraws from the qualification or the main tournament.

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